Deploying PyQt Python Qt apps cross platform using pyqtdeploy

These are general notes and links for this subject.  In other words, this is a table of contents.  Many links are often specific to a target platform.

Some of the links to my posts are to incomplete drafts.   Also, I edit these blogs periodically, since pyqtdeploy is actively developed and I am learning too.  It is best to consult source documentation.

Cross-platform and Localization/Internationalization/i18n

You want the largest possible audience or market.  You are using Qt because it:

  •   is cross platform.
  •  is cross language: supports localization ( internationalization)

You increase your audience by porting to new platforms AND by localizing to new languages.


Original (source) documentation

pyqtdeploy v0.6 User Guide

Qt for iOS

Qt for Android


Cross platform software development

More notes about pyqtdeploy

Deciding between Xcode and QtCreator for packaging PyQt apps for OSX

Target Linux and MacOS

Using pyqtdeploy

MacOS bundling (packaging) a pyqtdeployed app using Xcode

 Target iOS

iOS part 1 (prepare tools)

iOS part 2 (cross compile static libraries)

iOS part 3 (cross compile app and deploy)

 Target Android

Android cross compiling Qt example C apps

Android part 1 (prepare tools and cross compile static libraries)

Android part 2  (cross compile app)

Android part 3 (deploy and debug) DRAFT


General notes

Localizing PyQt app for target OSX using Xcode

More localizing PyQt app for target OSX

Using Qt Linguist phrasebooks

Adventures in translating an app to Chinese

Universal user interface

Commands that support gestures


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