Sharing a custom Fritzing part

Suppose you create a custom Fritzing part.  This tells how to share it with the community.

(Here “custom” does not mean proprietary, in the usual electronics sense.  Others should be able to buy the real component.  Your “custom” part is simply a free Fritzing specification for the component.)

Move it to “My Parts”

Some parts you have created will already be in the “My Parts” bin, in other words, appearing in the “Mine” tab of the Fritz parts browser.

But if you just created a new package, say an SMD PCB footprint for the “Generic IC” part, you might need to move it (because you can only Export parts from “Mine”) :

  • start a new design and place your part on the breadboard
  • click the right mouse button on your part in the breadboard view
  • choose “Add to bin….>  My Parts”

Bundle it

Fritzing bundles a part for you when you export it.    The result is a file with suffix .fzpz .

(Here “bundling” means “packaging” in the software sense: putting all the constituent files in an archive and compressing it.  But the “package” of an electronic component means its physical form.)

To bundle your part:

  • open the “Mine” tab of the Fritzing parts browser
  • click the right mouse button on your part
  • choose “Export part….”.  A “Specify a file name” dialog will open.
  • choose a file name and choose the “Save” button

Distribute it

Your .fzpz file can be imported by other Fritzing users, using Fritzing.

You can email your .fzpz file.

You can also upload it to a forum dedicated to user contributed Fritzing parts.

The forum is actually one item in an issue tracking database.  The item has many comments.  Most comments are a contributed part with an attached .fzpz bundle.  To upload your part:

  • follow the link above
  • choose “Add a comment below” or just scroll to the bottom of the page
  • enter a short description of your part
  • choose “Attach a file” and browse to your .fzpz file, etc.
  • choose “Save changes”

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